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Bogota at sunset from above
Bogota at sunset from above

If you’re looking for a safe, unique escort vacation experience in the beautiful country of Colombia, then you should definitely have Girlfriend Experience Tours (GFE Tours) as one of your top picks. GFE Tours is an elite girlfriend experience escort vacation in Cartagena Colombia. It was founded by Paul, a retired American entrepreneur who had fallen in love with Colombia back in 2010. He founded GFE Tours out of a desire to cater to the needs of those travelers who are seeking the «Perfect Getaway,» and with its nice warm weather, exquisite cuisine and amazingly beautiful women, there is likely no better option in the world than Colombia.


A reputation built on trust

GFE Tours has built up a solid reputation on trust, and always goes the extra mile to ensure that its clientele are able to travel abroad on their escort vacation with confidence. GFE Tours wants its clients to think of the company as their personal concierge vanguard as they pride themselves on developing, always, more ways to exceed your expectations. As a client you will have a fully trained workforce consisting of personal Chauffeurs, Chefs, Concierge, Maids and personal Security all at your beck and call. GFE Tours truly does mean it when they say, that they will cater to your every need, as they have you covered in every department.


The most beautiful women


What’s an escort vacation without women, and GFE Tours offers a lot of those, and some of the most beautiful women you will find anywhere in the world at that. They have a high standard when it comes to women as you will see by scrolling through the model page on their website, and they only work with models from agencies that they have vetted and that have a high trust rating.



Privacy most importantly is of great priority, thus GFE Tours has Non-Disclosure Agreements, so you can rest assured that none of their employees or agents will ever break that trust.


Locations are vetted

Additionally, before GFE Tours lists any of its accommodations they undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that it is of a high caliber, and that clients will not experience any discomfort, in no way shape or form throughout the duration of their stay. Your safety and privacy are of number one consideration when considering an accommodation to be offered, as they want to ensure that you can enjoy your escort vacation without fear of harm, or risk of exposure as it relates to your stay. Additionally, your accommodation will include daily maid services, on demand grocery/liquor delivery services, free WIFI, as well as satellite TVs.


The internet can truly be a shady place, especially when it comes to businesses that specialize in an escort vacation experience. You can really get yourself in all kinds of mess with illegitimate companies, or less than trustworthy people who promise you one thing, and then either under deliver, or they fail to deliver to all. It is always best you go with an expert, go with a trusted name. Girlfriend Experience Tours is just that and more. If you choose GFE Tours, you’ll never be disappointed.


Locksmith Renton Washington

Best emergency locksmith in Renton

Locksmith Renton

Reliable operation of the lock – the guarantor of safety of any people. Therefore serviceability of the lock is extremely important for each person. But to a great regret any mechanism can break and from untimely breakage of the lock none of us can be insured. What to do if once your lock has ceased to cope with the functions assigned to it? Everything is simple: it is necessary without panicing to begin to look for skilled professional masters

who will help to restore the faulty mechanism having found the true reason of his breakage.
If your security system has brought you – you call in our organization which actively gains popularity in recent years. Why demand for our high-quality services constantly increases? Because:
– the amicable crew of competent professionals works for us;
– our numerous team is a number of employees of a different profile, at each of which – the professional tasks.
– we has huge base of the specialized equipment thanks to which each our employee is capable to restoreoperability even of the most specific locks quickly.
At us such experts as a residential locksmith Renton are engaged in restoration of home locks. They are able to distinguish quickly the problem which has entailed malfunction of the lock, to eliminate breakage and to adjust operation of the mechanism.
At us such experts as a commercial and auto locksmith Renton are engaged in maintenance of locks of commercial rooms. Their professional task – to find malfunction, to analyse the reason which has caused defect of the lock to explain to the client an essence of a problem and to eliminate malfunction as fast as possibleLocksmith Renton
At us are engaged in repair of car locks such the mechanic as a car loocksmiths. They are universal the fact that they are able to work both with classical schemes of locks, and with modern hi-tech locks.
Our company is universal because except services of masters it is possible to order services of production of twirls from us also. We do it professionally, qualitatively and quickly.
Our schedule is calculated on the client’s benefit therefore we render for the client services of repair as during the whole light day, and at night. For us there are no holidays and the days off therefore to us it is possible to call when necessary.
Our purpose – faultless result and as a result of it is good mood of the client. Therefore all of us do possible not to disappoint the person who phoned to our firm. We are never waited by the client too long. We usually come within an hour after the client’s call who phoned to our organization.
You can phoned to us if you get a problem. Also you can to visit this page.


24/7 Emergency services

Fast Locksmith Brooklyn

Unpleasant situations occur sometimes when the owner of his own apartment or home, coming from the place of working or from the walk, can’t get into his home. But it also happens that a person is tightly closed from the inside, and he can not open the door. The cause is in a sudden failure of the door lock when it is jamming. To fix the problem you should call the mechanic from one of the services of unlocking the locks.  Fastlocksmithbrooklyn.com — Professional Service

Masters the above-mentioned companies have high qualification, great experience and all necessary equipment. If you need to replace the lock, specialists will offer you a choice of a large range of locks from different manufacturers.

The company’s employees conduct a showdown of any locks without damage and violations of the integrity of the doors. Service for opening of the locks is only possible if there are documents on the right of ownership of an apartment, car, safe or garage. In the absence of such documents the service is provided only in the presence of law enforcement officers.

Employees of the locksmith company have diverse skills. The corrosion of mechanism or a piece of the key in the keyhole is not a hindrance for them. In addition to knowledge about locking systems, the company’s specialists are well versed in various designs of doors that allows finding solutions with maximum saving of the functionality. Well, except that you would have to order a new set of keys. Or, at worst, change the lock cylinder.

Prices for these services are very affordable, because the client will pay many times less for the qualitative services of the masters, than in the case when you would try to open the lock on your own it will be completely ruined. In addition, a great saving of time takes place, because if you try to open or change the lock it takes more time than the work of experts in similar cases.
At the request of the client key can be made to order if the key is lost (auto, safes, apartments). There are also such services as the switching off the alarm and programming of the ignition keys. Fast Locksmith Brooklyn — car lock

Different situations happen in life, and if you can not do yourself the work on the opening of the lock because you do not have special skills, education and tools, then it is wiser to entrust it to the qualified professionals. Masters of our company will relieve you from the nervous haste, headaches and unnecessary expenses arising in the case of breakage of locks, performing their work quickly and accurately. For more detailed information on the company’s services visit this website:

Lock and key Brooklyn NY



Почему частный дизайнер интерьера лучше чем дизайн студия.

Дизанер Надежда Озтюрк

 Какие бывают московские дизайнеры интерьера

Здравствуйте, мои дорогие и горячо любимые, подписчики! Я хочу поделиться с вами своим опытом в сфере дизайна интерьера. Надеюсь эта информация будет актуальна и полезна для Вас.

Несколько месяцев назад я писала о том, что мне необходимо было подобрать специалиста в области дизайна интерьера, для своей новоиспеченной квартиры. Поиск достойного кандидата, для создания уюта, занял огромное количество времени. Поскольку меня, в первую очередь, интересовало соотношение цена – качество, я обращалась как в профессиональные студии, так и к частным дизайнерам, дабы разузнать на каких условиях, в какие сроки и за какую цену мне обустроят квартиру. Разумеется, в электронном виде с последующем перевоплощением в реальность.

Дизайнер интерьера Надежда Озтюрк

В ходе моих личных исследований я поняла правило №1: московские студии дизайна на порядок дороже, нежели частный дизайнер интерьера в Москве. Это можно легко обосновать тем, что студия несет слишком много издержек, в том числе, на свой шикарный офис где-нибудь в центре или около какой-нибудь станции метро. Наверное существует еще ряд экономических обоснований, но я в этом не сильна. Конечно нельзя сказать, что в студиях работают посредственные дизайнеры, напротив, я уверена, что там собраны сливки выпускников различных университетов дизайн направления, которые умею делать свое дело на высоком уровне. Но, здесь я вынесла правило №2: не сомневайтесь в способностях, таланте и квалифицированности частных дизайнеров. Они замотивированы в том, чтобы Вы были самым довольным и счастливым клиентом в мире, ибо у них нет оклада и прочих страховок, которые покрывает компания. И конечно же в интересах дизайнера, особенно того, который сумел пойти на риск и отправился в свободное плавание, отработать весь Ваш гонорар. Думаю частные дизайнеры от того и частные, потому что слишком талантливы и всесторонне развиты, чтобы зависеть от боссов, подгоняющих со сроками.

Дизайнер интерьера Надежда Озтюрк в Москве

По итогу я решила для себя, что студия неоправданно дорогое удовольствие и начала искать частного дизайнера в простора интернета. Перерыла всю всемирную паутину и наткнулась на Надежду Озтюрк – http://www.on-proekt.ru/obo-mne/ , которая поразила меня своей внимательностью к каждому моему пожеланию. Мой выбор несомненно остановился на ней. Ее дизайн оказался очень функциональным, ярким и в то же время стильным и пользуясь случаем вот ссылка на её группу вКонтакте. Каждый уголок квартиры соответствовал моим пожеланиям. Получилось уместить все предметы мебели, которые я хотела видеть у себя дома, и при этом не перегрузить интерьер. И самое огромное счастье для меня в том, что она смогла найти место для моей гардеробной, хотя я думала с моей планировкой это будет невозможно.

Вот собственно и вся история, хотелось бы поблагодарить Надежду в сотый раз и пожелать ей нескончаемое количество клиентов, которые по достоинству оценят ее непревзойденный вкус и талант. А Вам, дорогие подписчики желаю обрести свое счастье в приобретении квартиры и соответственно услуг дизайн интерьера. Никто лучше не придумает Вам дизайн, чем профессионал своего дела. И не слушайте свою бабушку/маму/папу, что они смогу гораздо красивее и дешевле обустроить квартиру.

Всем добра!


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